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After switching over from cigarettes to vapes, you are going to notice a lot of changes. Not only is it less dangerous, but a lot of things will improve as well. One thing that people will find though is that even after switching, vaping will still cause some body odor.


Does Vaping Make you Smell?

Yes. Vaping can affect your body odors. And you might sniff a hint of flavor in your sweat after vaping a lot.


Our bodies have two types of sweat, apocrine and eccrine.

Eccrine sweat glands cover our entire body. They secrete sweat whenever our body needs cooling. Apocrine sweat glands are connected to hairs around our bodies, such as on your underarms. It is often associated with a bad smell. However, apocrine sweat actually doesn’t smell bad on its own. It’s the bacteria that it comes into contact with that gives it an odor.


But there is another way that the smell of apocrine sweat is affected.

That is by what you eat and inhale. When you eat spices or things like onion and garlic, smelly compounds are trapped and sent to your bloodstream. These smelly compounds will find their way out through your breath, urine, and of course, your sweat.


Vaping affects your body odors the same way that these spices do.

When you vape, not everything is exhaled out. Some compounds are left behind in your lungs. They find their way into your bloodstream, and eventually make their way out through your sweat. This is why depending on the flavor of your vaporizer, you will find that your apocrine sweat is going to have a slight scent.


Is this dangerous?

Having vape compounds on your bloodstream sounds like a terrifying thing. These are toxins after all. However, this is not actually something to be afraid of. The toxins are there, yes, but they are always going to find a way out.


Does vaping make your breath smell?

We all know that cigarette smoking has a very bad effect on our breath. It is so bad, one of the reasons you should switch to vape pens is because they smell a lot better. This being said however, there is still a slight smell on your breath when you vape. So does vaping cause bad breath? Yes, but it isn’t too bad.

Does JUULing make you smell?

What about JUULs? Does JUULing smell too?

JUUL is actually just one of the best vape pen brands out there. Do e-cigarettes make you smell? Yes, they do. All e-cigarettes today are going to have some smell, no matter how faint it may be. This is why there is no vapor pen juice that doesn’t smell.


Does Nicotine Have a Smell?

Which brings us to our next question. What exactly is it in an e-cigarette that makes it smell? Perhaps it’s the nicotine. Does nicotine smell?


The answer is yes. But not in the way you might expect.

The pleasant scents you get when you exhale vapor isn’t from nicotine, that’s from the flavors added. When you inhale nicotine, almost all of it gets absorbed into your body. This is why even though you can’t smell the nicotine in your vapor, it will eventually find its way to your sweat.


Another question is “can vaping cause night sweats?”

Some people experience night sweats when they use their pen vape a lot. This is most likely due to the high levels of nicotine that they are taking.


Does Vaping Leave a Smell on Clothes?

Finally, you might be wondering, “does vaping make your clothes smell?” You surely know that cigarette smoke has a very strong smell that will cling to your clothes.


Vapes have the same effect.

However, because of how light the vapor is, this is going to be a lot weaker. And this isn’t going to be a problem anyway because vapes have very pleasant fragrances.