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When you finally make the switch from cigarettes to vapes, you have taken a huge step in the right direction. However, the first few days are going to be the hardest for you. This is because you might run into withdrawals, and a few other vaping side effects. One of these is night sweats.


What are the Side Effects of Smoking Vape?

We all know that smoking cigarettes is very dangerous for our health. But what about vaporizers? You might have several questions regarding the effects of vaping on your body. Let’s answer some of these questions for you.


Vaping vs Smoking.

Without a doubt, smoking is much worse than vaping. There have just been so many studies showing how deadly smoking can be for you. Vaping is a much healthier option for you to go for. But this doesn’t mean that vaping is good either. When you go for vaping, there are still some problems that you will encounter.


Does Vaping Cause Cancer?

You might have heard that vaping can cause cancer. However, this is not true. Vaping isn’t quite as well documented as smoking yet, but there is no evidence that vaping can cause cancer. Studies do show however, there vaping increases the risk of cancer. So while it is known that smoking can easily give you lung cancer, the effects of vaping on lungs are not as dangerous.


Does Vaping Cause Stomach Problems?

Vape pens contain nicotine on them, and this can cause a number of side effects on your body. One of them is stomach problems. You might find that your stomach is going to be painful when you first switch over to vaping.


Can Vaping Make you Throw Up?

Yes. It can. The stomach problems that you will encounter when you first start taking nicotine even from the best vapes will include throwing up sometimes.


Can Vaping Cause Blood Clots?

One thing that you might have heard about vaping is that it can cause blood clots. Once again, there is no solid evidence concerning this, but vapers should be warned that this is a possibility.


Studies have shown that vaping causes blood clots in mice.

When these mice inhaled vapors, they became hyperactive, and their blood started to clot. This put them in high risk of heart attacks or a stroke. And while there have been no tests on humans, this shows us that one of the dangers of vaping is the possibility of blood clots.


Can Vaping Affect Your Sleep?


What a lot of people are finding is that when they first switch over to vapes, they can’t quite seem to get sleep at night. This, once again, has to do with the nicotine levels in e-cigarettes. One of the effects of vaping too much nicotine is not being able to sleep. Nicotine has the same effect as caffeine does when it comes to sleep. This is why you could find yourself staring at the ceiling for hours and hours if you use your pen vape before bed.


But this doesn’t last forever.

One simple solution is to stop vaping a few hours before going to sleep. Or, you could put on low-nicotine juices on your vapor pen during these hours. As time goes by, your body is going to adjust to this. And soon you will find that you can sleep easy, even after vaping high-levels of nicotine right before bed.


Is Sweating a Symptom of Nicotine Withdrawal?

Which brings us back to our first question, does vaping cause night sweats?


If you find yourself sweating when you shouldn’t be sweating, it could be a symptom of withdrawal. When you first stop taking cigarette smoke into your body, it is going to react in strange ways at first. One of the ways it will do this is by sweating quite a lot.